Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just checking

I went to a conference last week. It was three nights out of town, away from family, surrounded by colleagues. Many parts of the conference were great and it was good to get a few days away from the stress of my job.

I thought I had done a good job of packing and found that I had almost everything I needed. I even packed extra undies and had a book, a dvd and some snacks that I never got to. I did forget one thing, my meds. Not to smart. I went three days without my meds.

I have been living with the effects for the last 6 days. Things are just starting to normalize. I could say I chose not to bring them, just checking to see if I still have the same need for the max dose every day but the truth is I just made a mistake.

I do think I am doing better than in the winter. My joint pain has diminished and i am eating pretty much what I want.


  1. Hi There,

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  2. What a nightmare. Glad that you improved after your stint off meds. I guess that confirms that you really do need the meds!!