Saturday, June 4, 2011

I wish I could be happy

It can be so hard to feel the happiness here.

I am so tired of feeling so alone.

I wish some one here could understand my feelings. I wish that someone here knew the real me and what i feel. I wish someone could understand this illness.

Today I am sad.


  1. I do understand and UC does get us very down sometimes. Have you spoken with your GI lately? I've just been swapped over onto Imuran as nothing was working....there seems to be some improvement, but like everything else so far, I'll wait and see if remission happens..well you never know! This could be the one.

    What are you on at the moment and did you have a go with the gluten free? I'm not a believer in that one as I got hit with too many other things whaler trailing the SCD diet.

    It will get better...hang in there

  2. I know that feeling too. The empty corridor of loneliness; the gut-dragging feeling that draws you into a small place the size of a dice.

    One of the reasons to blog is to connect with others.

    I'm wishing you a happy day tomorrow.


  3. I have to second Arkayeff's comment above... blogging connects us funky boweled individuals. ;)
    You are definitely not alone.
    Allow yourself to have moments of feeling alone and sad for what you have to go through. But don't stay there for long, because it will pull you down like a toilet flush (sorry, have to insert potty humor).

    Take care,
    Hannah ;)