Saturday, February 26, 2011


The good news for this week is that the physiotherapist I started to see believes that the pain I have in many of my joints, including those where I have recently been told I have arthritis, is caused by a flare of my auto-immune system.

The bad news is that because it is a part of my flare, he is not sure that he can help me much with the pain.

I need someone else to start thinking about UC and me. I need someone who has lots of experience but keeps up with the research and knows what is new and what is coming next. I have the name of another specialist and I am prepared to use it.


  1. The whole joint pain thing is a mystery. It is to do with the auto-immune response. I believe it has something to do with producing too much uric acid as well.

    I was on sticks for a bit.

  2. What we need is an advocate! Sorry, I don't know any. There is so much that is unknown and it is so frustrating, maybe the other specialist will have more info. Good luck!