Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To Eat

I have decided to change my diet. I have been avoiding too much fiber since my "minor flare" started back in February. I have been avoiding raw vegetables, fruit whole grains of all sorts and I am just tired of it.

So I am switching gears. I am going back to my preferred way to eat. I am eating fruit for breakfast. I have fruit and veg during the day. I drink vegetable juice. This has helped me to cut the fat content significantly.

I am also cutting my sugar intake in half. I make sure I always measure and I hope that I will adjust to this soon. So far my coffee is a little unsatisfying but I know I will get used to it.

I am also not drinking as much wine.

I am continuing with the Chinese medicine and I am starting an exercise program next week.

So far it has been a week and I don't feel any different. Not worse or better. As long as I don't get worse I will continue because I know this is a better way for me to eat.

Today I ate grapes, carrots, an apple and peas. Yum.