Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The same situation

It has been a little while since I have added to this space. I think it is because there is little change, little excitement, little to report.

I am in the same UC boat as I have been for months. I have responded to the increased meds favourably but the effects seem to continue to be entirely dependent on the meds continuing. I am not bleeding or crying but I am uncomfortable to the point of often not eating all day so that I can work. I have some good days and some bad days. I have joint pain (it's in my hands this time). My teeth feel okay so I don't want to go back to the full dose of mezavant. I am still strapped to my box of enemas. I dream of eating with abandon and going to bed without needing to flex my muscles. I used to be able to do other things in bed.

I think I am going to go back to the probiotics. It has been brought to my attention that I might not have completed a long enough trial. So today I will start back on VSL 3 and hope that things settle a little.


  1. life with UC can be such a pain... hang in there...I'm still undecided about probiotics..I took them for 6 months and have just stopped....might have to go back on them problem is that's I've now been in a flare up for 14 months...can't seem to shift it at all...bugger :(

  2. Sending you my thoughts and prayers for healing..hang in there