Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No More I Say

It has been more than a month that I have been back on rectal meds. I am supposed to be using two enemas a day but I had to be honest with my doctor and tell him that it just wasn't possible since I have to go to work five out of seven days. So now I am supposed to use enemas once a day for 5 days and twice a day for 2 days.

As of this moment, I hate enemas. I know that is no way to feel about this simple method of getting medication directly to the area that needs it most. That is no way to show appreciation for the fluid that gave me such recent super speedy relief to the pain, blood, mucus and loss of bowel control.

But I can't stand it. I know that very soon it will be time to go to bed and that means enema time. I don't want one more. I don't want to insert anything into that area ever again.

Today I just hate enemas.


  1. yep, I know how you feel ..been there, seen it done it, fought it...and the first one didn't help...and I had to do it for 10 weeks...what a waste of time..thinking back though I often do wonder if me being so against it was what also didn't I try to find other things that do help...currently cutting back on refined sugar and taken wheat grass tablets and Vit B supplments along with my current maintenance drug does seem to be helping..I'll put a proper blog on exactly what I'm doing later...but there is definately some take car and hang in there :D

  2. oh sweetie, i so empathize. I hated having to do the ememas. Everything about it. :(

  3. I hated enemas too. I am completely on your side.