Thursday, March 25, 2010

Latest Doctor visit

I went to see the GI today over lunch. I'm still not eating much during the day so I didn't have anything better to do!

It went well. I am doing much better and my doctor seems to have realized that I have at least some understanding of my own body and how it functions. He has agreed that I should back off a little on the mezavant in order to get the side effects under control. My teeth are aching and my joints are beginning to hurt again and I am exhausted. The hair... well it's coming out in handfuls again.

He wants me to continue with the enemas for a couple more months. For the next month, he wants me to use two a day as often as possible even if I can only do that on weekends. After that, at least another month with a daily enema.

And I don't have another appointment scheduled. He told me to call him if I had a problem and after 6 months to set up an appointment (which will then probably be another 4 months away). So I will have some time to manage this myself and see what I can accomplish.

I think I am going to give VSL 3 another try. I am staying on my low fiber diet for awhile and once my joints feel a bit better I will need to try to exercise some.

Oh, and he didn't mention IBS once.

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