Sunday, February 21, 2010

He listened

I went to see my new GI last Thursday. He was about to tell me that my scope wasn't too bad, but he stopped himself and asked me how I was. I told him.

I told him how I slowly slid down a sticky slope into flare over the last 3 weeks. I told him how my pain has increased, how I am now passing blood and mucous every time I go to the bathroom, how my trips to the bathroom have increased and how I have started to have serious issues with incontinence. I told thim that all of this has resulted in my not eating the last three days until I get home from work.

He was surprised but he listened. He offered Prednisone and accepted my "no thank you". He acknowledged how difficult these symptoms make my day to day life and was glad to hear that I haven't started to lose weight. He sent me for blood work and to give stool samples and is fitting me in to see him again next Thursday over his lunch. He gave me the name of a new med that we should consider and be ready to discuss next week. He wants me to consider trying Imuran.

He is concerned that it was less than a year since my last flare, that I was on Pred so long last time and that I have had this wicked illness for 14 years. He thinks it may be time to step up the meds since my 5ASA is not keeping me under control.

I am going to read up on it. I know I will have to have lots of blood work in order to monitor this med but I also have a close friend who takes it and she has been healthy now for over a year when nothing else was working.

In the mean time, I am taking over the counter stuff to fight the urgency and staying close to the bathroom when necessary. I am also drinking ensure when I can't eat.

Hoping that things become clearer at the next appointment but at least this doctor listened.


  1. yikes...was anything worrying you prior to the flare up or where you putting in too many hours at work to cause the flare-up? I haven't made it even close to a year in remission yet...and i'm still trying to get the current pred levels down...with only small success...I'm thinking that salofalk no longer works for me :( ..if it ever did work that is...

    You take care and I hope things do become clearer for you by the next appointment

  2. Hey MS - glad you've gotta doc who's working with you. I know quite a few people for whom Imuran has been great, though it made me really sick - it made my liver go beserk!

    What kind of over-the-counter stuff are you taking?

    Take care - i hope things calm down soon.

  3. Imuran is a tough drug. Any time I get placed on an immunosuppressant, I have to go fill out an FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) request so that any associated absences from work due to illness can be excused, since my immune system is shot. Good luck with whatever treatment comes your way!