Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good News

I saw the doctor today and the results of my blood work were good. There is no sign of infection and I haven't lost a significant amount of blood. My protein levels were good and the inflamation has not gotten to my other parts.

Since my current flare doesn't seem to be effecting the rest of my body, we are going to try going back on enemas rather than going to a more serious medication. It seems the mezevant is keeping the rest of my colon from getting sick but is not enough to heal what has already gone wrong.

My drug store did not have any of my new enemas so I have to wait one more day before I get started and then I will have to figure out some pretty tricky timing since I am supposed to use them twice a day for the first two weeks.

I am not sure about this doctor. He has said a few more things that leave me unimpressed however, as long as he helps me find the right treatment to go back into and stay in remission I will stick with him.


  1. great news :D .... get back in remission soon :D

  2. GOOD NEWS! I don't know how alternative you like to go, but I use Rowasa and add vitamin e to it. The rowasa alone never did much, but when I started adding the vitamin e to it, things got really great for me. If you interested let me know and I can explain in more detail. If not, no biggie. So glad you got good news though, what a relief!

  3. May your journey lead somewhere you want to be.

    I was in a similar state, I had surgery 2 months ago. I am now recovering from that.

    Should you wish you can read it at

    Hope you live to be 100

  4. Good to see good news! Hope the new enemas work.

  5. Things are getting better. I have no blood. That is great since I have been bleeding for weeks and this has only been four days back on the enemas. I am sure it will just be a matter of time before the urgency and D. go away too. Seems that I started to get better when he agreed to treat the symptoms. He keeps telling me to stay off the dairy because he thinks my problems are not all caused by UC.

    Thanks every body!