Monday, February 1, 2010


I sat in the waiting room for a few more minutes and then a nice nurse called my name just a couple of minutes before my scheduled scope. I returned to the side room where my former doctor had questioned me and a very nice nurse asked me some questions (did I fast, did I do the prep, did I have someone with me, the usual). Then she checked my hospital bracelet and asked if it was me. (Since I was unable to sell even one ticket in my colonoscopy lottery, I had to take the test myself.)

She had me sit for a moment as she checked to see if they were ready for me and then I was called to go right in. I walked down the hall in my double hospital gown, black socks and blue paper slippers of my own free will. Waiting for me was a lovely little cubby with a comfortable bed with fresh white linen! Lovely.

They got me comfortable and then a lovel women began hunting for a vein on my hand. She found one and then spent lots of time cleaning up the blood that went everywhere. Seems she was still working out her technique. An anesthesiologist came in and asked a few questions and then went away again. I have very little memory of him. They rolled me over onto my side and then the lovely lady who poked me in the hand offered me a "shot of vodka to start" with a giggle as she held up a vile of clear liquid. I said sure, sounds great and then watched her put it into my IV line. Nothing changed.

I didn't feel it go in. I started to wonder what that was. Maybe it was just a relaxant. Maybe it isn't working.

And then I woke up.


  1. Heh, sounds liek a great colonoscopy to me. The actual scope isn't bad at all, it's the prep the day before that makes you suffer.

    Whe nI get my lovely sleeping meds before my colonoscopies, I try to see how long I can stay 'awake' and how much I can remember before completely losing all recollection.

    Apparently, I am very chatty and not afraid to speak my mind when under anesthesia for my scopes...uh oh.

  2. Hi Charlie,

    This was the first time that I was put completely under so it was a surprise to me. Before I was put under concious anesthesia which allowed me to hear some of what was said (like when the doctor said to the nures, "Did you see that?") but also roused me when the pain was big.

    I had a terrible time with the prep. Gawd what an awful day that was.