Monday, February 15, 2010


Finally, I am getting back to this story.

Where was I?

I woke up! Yes I woke up and I was being wheeled down the hall on my bed and it was all over. I hadn't noticed a thing. What a surprise. I have never been put completely under before for a colonoscopy. This was good (no pain) and bad (no information).

My bed came to rest just down the hall from where I had been. I could see the curtained area where I had just had my test. I was covered with lots of blankets and my vital signs were checked. The nurse was friendly and good at her job. Before she left me to check on another patient she encouraged me to pass lots of gas.

I started to let go. What a fabulous feeling to just let the wind go with no hesitation. I watched the curtain and I passed gas. Then I stopped. It was a choice I made.

Another woman was wheeled into the area next to me (the other side of yet another curtain) and she was given the same instruction. She started to let it go too.

The nurse came back to check on me. I was doing just fine. I told her I had decided not to pass any more gas though. She looked concerned and asked why. I explained that my partner was out in the waiting room and he was going to drive me home. I explained that on many occasions I had found myself alone in a car with him and he had no problem sharing his gas with me. This time it would be my turn. I was saving my gas for the one I loved! She had never heard this before and she smirked at me. I smiled back. It was a good moment.

I was then moved to a chair in the hall. The doctor stopped by to check on me and he said it looked better than he expected. There was some swelling on the left side but not too much of my colon was involved. He confirmed that I should continue with the same meds at the full dose and that otherwise all should be ok. I told him I had some pain and he suggested that it could be irritable bowel.

For those of you don't know, I believe that irritable bowel is the answer when they don't know and I don't think it applies here. My pain happens when my UC is active. In that moment my joy was gone. Another specialist who believes in irritable bowel. Ugh.

I was glad to hear that my colon didn't look to bad and even happier that I was not told to go and get some prednisone. I am not happy about IB and I don't know what I think of this doctor know.

I had this colonscopy on January 22. Since then I have been bleeding. Sad but true, I seem to get a little worse each week. I now pass mucous and blood regularly with numerous trips to the bathroom every day. The urgency is increasing and I have stated to hold off on eating until I will be home for the day to make bathroom access easy.

I go back to see him this week. I hope we can come up with a plan to get this under control before it gets really bad but I am not sure how we will do that now.

Fingers crossed.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I know that after a colonscopy I always get worse. I have to wonder why that is, and what the hell they did while they were there! I hope you get some good advice from the doctor this week and start to improve!

  2. Thanks Candice. I hope that I have a plan to start getting better soon. I was definitely worse after the colonscopy.

  3. Hey M, sorry to hear about the worsening symtpoms. Have you tried adjusting your diet yet? Currently on what I call the 'soup and bread' diet myself.

    Also, ask your doc about Lialda. It's a once a day anti-inflammatory med that helped me when asacol and sulfasalazine didn't.

    Hope your symtpoms get better, make sure and rest lots! Keep us updated!

  4. Thanks Charlie, I have changed my diet. Back to the Bland! I am also not eating until I get home from work. My movements aren't quite as urgent when they are just blood and mucous. I will have to read about Lialda. Thanks for passing this my way. I was hoping for some good ideas. I will ask my doctor.