Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh Gawd

That stuff is terrible. All the things I read about it were true. It tasted terrible, smelled worse and seemed to never end. By the time I was finished I wasn't feeling too good. I was freezing and tired and miserable. I don't ever want to spend that much time in my bathroom.

I don't know why a doctor would make someone use that when Pico is so much easier and very effective.

I don't have to take any more and my lovely daughter brought me some broth, juice and jello to help me feel a little better. I just have to wait for the scope. I think I will focus on the fact that I have the day off and I will have good drugs.


  1. Never heard of the Klean-whatever-it-was before. Sounds terrible, feeling for you. Only ever used Picolax (as it is in the UK). Sad to admit I kinda liked the taste. Good luck with the scope.

  2. Isn't it just awful! I feel so bad you had to have it, just reading about it reminded me of how awful it was. I've never gotten to use the Pico. When I had to take it, the first time I took a drink I started gagging. I couldn't drink it by itself. Had to mix it with lemon-aid and even then I was almost near tears by the time I finished the last of it. So gross! Hope the scope goes well!