Friday, November 13, 2009


I went to meet a new doctor today. I was the first appointment of the morning and I didn't have to wait. He was on time and friendly. He noted that I had already seen a GI in my new home town and asked what had gone wrong. I told him the first one was such a big specialist that there didn't seem to be room on my health care team for me. He said that he was also a specialist and we would have to see if this would work. He grinned. He asked who it was and I told him the other doctors name. "Oh! He has an office right down the hall."

He took a history. Asked lots of questions and was impressed with some of the details that I could share. He told me it was okay that I adjusted my meds as I noticed changes but that I have to be careful this soon after such a major flare. He did not tell me that I should take more. He did not question that the meds were making all of my hair fall out. He gave me a book to take home and he had an open mind about probiotics.

He did not question my diagnosis or change it.

He did think it was important that he see exactly what is going on in there at this point so I am once again scheduled for a scope. And just to keep things interesting, this doctor prefers a different prep than my old doctor. I liked the old one. It was easy to use and palatable. This new one requires that I drink 4 liters of fluid. I don't know the name of it but I am sure that will be fun day. It won't happen until January.

All in all, this was a good first appointment. I will go back to see him again. Good news.


  1. Sounds like a great doctor! Too bad about the scope though. I hate the stuff you have to drink for them! Nasty stuff it is. I found if you mix it with soda pop (colorless of course) it is a little easier to take. But I have a sensitive palate so maybe it doesn't bother others as much. Your doctor sounds like he has a sense of humor. That could be good or bad. Good for you for finding a new doctor and not putting up with bad treatment!

  2. 4 litres? that sounds like it might be KleanPrep? That stuff is foul. I discoved a straight sided glass and just mix with water. maybe even a bit more than on the instructions and really gulp it all down...quick, and then reward your palate with something refreshing. the vanilla flavour in the prep is disgusting but i found trying to mask it made things worse. However, that being said, this prep didn't leave me feeling overly drained and i wasn't even that hungry during the day i had to fast. good luck!

  3. oh that 4 litre prep is a nightmare..I had to do that last just drink and drink and drink and then wait and wait and wait and then finally it all starts happening...I think doctors prefer this one as it supposed to be more gentle on our prefer the other quick drink..down in 2 gulps...but boy did it work fast on me! Good n you for finding a new doctor too...sometimes it really is worth it just taking control :D

  4. Thanks for the information about the prep and the moral support. I am not thrilled to be using this new prep. I am a little anxious about it if I think too much. So I have decided, at least for now, it is better not to think!