Monday, November 23, 2009


My first specialist helped me get through the initial diagnosis 13.5 years ago when I was pregnant and terrified. He helped me maintain relatively good health over the next 11 years. He always listened and I liked him. And that's even after he looked at my complexion and said, "Just like my wife. You will likely have hair growth from the Pred. Just don't shave."

What he didn't think much of was probiotics. As a result, I didn't have any guidance in the matter. I went to Costco, found a big bottle of something that looked good and bought it. I have been taking one pill a day for months. Last month I ran out. I didn't rush out to buy more because I didn't really think that the one pill was doing much for me. I am now not so sure.

After over a month without the probiotics, things are changing. I have started to need multiple bathroom trips per day and I am having some pain. No tears. No blood. Things aren't at a crisis but I am wondering if something is brewing.

I am also wondering if it is a coincidence that this has happened after I went off the probiotics. Lots of things are a little off, most noticeably, my ability to maintain a balance in the fungal matter in and on my body. That is terrible. It is also something I suffered from for a couple of months at this time last year. Just 2 months before my illness got out of control. Are these things related? I don't know that either.

I have ordered a probiotic off of the internet. My partner is a scientist and last week he met with many doctors doing research in the area of crohn's and colitis. One of the specialists recommended this type. She indicated that her patients had great success. It is VSL#3 (for the Canadian site). It arrives tomorrow.

Has anyone used it?


  1. VSL#3 is what my gastro prescribed for me. That or Align. And probiotics have made a difference for me too. All my Dr's believe in them to promote intestinal health and keep the balance in there. I too suffer from constant thrush in my mouth and esophagus - haven't had it since I've been on the probiotics. VSL#3 is worth the money.

  2. PS - I notice that when I get thrush - my crohn's flares soon after that.

  3. I was wondering if probiotics made a difference too as I lately I haven't been taking anything..problem is that I'm now back on the steroids, but I'm thinking time to restart and not stop this time...

  4. Haven't tried it, but also wondering about probiotics making a difference. Let us know what you think!

  5. It arrived today. I will start taking it tomorrow. Some of the things that I have read had cautioned that I might feel a little worse before I feel better but that is happening anyway. I had pain and urgency today. I haven't had much of that lately. This timing may end up being just right.