Sunday, October 4, 2009


I have an appointment scheduled with a new doctor. It is over a month away. I have my fingers crossed that this doctor will be a good match for me. He or she will value my experience and opinion and take it into consideration. I will be part of my health team!

You can stop laughing at me now. A girl can dream.

My update is that I have more of the same. I have more joint pain and discomfort. It is mostly in my neck and shoulders but it does hurt down my arms sometimes. I have more pain in my abdomen, more diarrhea and more moments of urgency. But things could be worse. Things could be much worse. I continue to fight off this bug that threatens to make my nose run, the throat hurt and head fog.

We went away from the weekend and so I was unable to be comfortable. I couldn't go when I needed to even when there was facilities. Sometimes I just go and sit and nothing happens even though I really need to go. It is not constipation, it is comfort. I have the same problem in public bathrooms as I do in other people's homes; sometimes. It is and unpredictable complication.


  1. Hi - Is the joint pain caused by the meds? If not, when was the last time you had a good massage. If it wasn't for the UC, I'd say..and I'm no doctor..but those are classic signs of stress as I get them all the time and it's due to me runnign around like an idiot and stressing myself out..oh and also a crappy computer chair!

    I find that I panic quite a lot when I get pains in the gut region..which just makes me more worried about getting to a bathroom in time.

    Hopefully this is just your bug making your UC worse...a good hot whiskey used to work for me before UC..and I'm sure I'll find out soon it it still does as winter is coming fast.

  2. I have the same problem with going in public restrooms and other people houses. It's like I have to go so bad and then I get to the toilet and...nothing. But then I am in just constant pain and go back to the bathroom and nothing... I saw on t.v. (okay, I watch WAY too much t.v.) that there is a condition called avoidance paruresis (also called shy bladder) that is an anxiety disorder that prevents people from being able to go because of muscle tension. I think I probably have this. I am always worried if people will hear me or something and I do think I get too tense. Do you think that might be the issue? The show said relaxation techniques can help. Apparently I need LOTS of relaxation since that also can help UC.

  3. I hope this doctor works out for you. I know what it is like to go through doctor after doctor. It is extremely frustrating: all you want is the right solution that will lead you into remission!

    Best of luck...