Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nothing about UC because sometimes there are other things going on

I was driving to a meeting the other day and found myself sitting behind a stopped bus. I watched the next lane in my rear view mirror and waited for an opportunity to change lanes and get past the bus. When the traffic cleared I signaled and started to move into the next lane (which was okay since this was a four lane road).

At the same time, the car sitting directly behind me decided to pull out and the driver of said car thought it would be okay to cut me off and honk at me. I was not impressed and having my wits about me, I put my foot on the break pedal and my middle finger up against the window.

As he starts by me (still honking), he sees my raised finger and we make eye contact. He stops his car. He puts his car in park in the only open lane and gets out of his car. He walks over to my window and begins to gesture and speak. I can't hear him. I have the radio on. But I do see his lips moving. I don't think he is saying anything very nice.

What is a girl to do?

I looked him square in the face and said, "Stop being a Jerk". He seemed to slow down. I said it again. He stared at me. I noticed movement to my right and checked up in time to see the bus starting to pull away. The bus left. That meant I could too.

I waved to my new friend and drove away. I watched in my rear view mirror as he walked back to his car with blocks of traffic sitting behind him all wishing they could lose control and run him down. A few lights later he had caught up to me but when he should have pulled up beside me at the intersection, he held back. Was he marking down my plates or making sure I couldn't see his? Before the next lights, he turned into a gas station and I haven't seen him since.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I have an appointment scheduled with a new doctor. It is over a month away. I have my fingers crossed that this doctor will be a good match for me. He or she will value my experience and opinion and take it into consideration. I will be part of my health team!

You can stop laughing at me now. A girl can dream.

My update is that I have more of the same. I have more joint pain and discomfort. It is mostly in my neck and shoulders but it does hurt down my arms sometimes. I have more pain in my abdomen, more diarrhea and more moments of urgency. But things could be worse. Things could be much worse. I continue to fight off this bug that threatens to make my nose run, the throat hurt and head fog.

We went away from the weekend and so I was unable to be comfortable. I couldn't go when I needed to even when there was facilities. Sometimes I just go and sit and nothing happens even though I really need to go. It is not constipation, it is comfort. I have the same problem in public bathrooms as I do in other people's homes; sometimes. It is and unpredictable complication.