Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stress and its effects

As I have said, I have moved to a new city where I am doing a new job and struggling to find my place in this new world. I love the job and yet it is extremely tiring and stress filled.

Today I had to meet with my teem for the first time. I think close to 200 hundred of them showed. I spoke, my boss spoke, a guest shared some thoughts and then I took the time to meet as many of them as possible. It is an understatement to say that I am tired. The stress leading up to this event was building for days.

I also had family over on the weekend and that caused more stress when the regular rules of acceptable social behaviour were ignored and lunch turned into a whole day affair.

I have noticed since the major attack I wrote about that I a have not returned to normal. I am either blocked up and not going or I am going with little control. I would like very much to go back to my 2 or 3 times a day with some control and form thank you very much. I haven't had as much pain as I did that day but I have had pain.

I have also started to loose some weight again which may just be what my less than great scales are showing me or it too could be an indicator.

The good news is that my referral to a new specialist has already come through and I see my new doctor to discuss my situation on the 8th. I am hoping that new meds are in my future. What I am taking isn't working and yet the side effects are quite severe. I have lost soooo much hair. I hope I like this doctor but really I am just glad to have someone to consult with so quickly after getting here.

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