Wednesday, September 16, 2009

As of today

As of today, I have an appointment with my new general practitioner tomorrow for a physical. I will review with her how the GI appointment went and how I am feeling about his doctor. I have the name of a doctor that my friend is really happy with. I may just have to ask for a new referral. I can't imagine continuing to see a doctor who I think doesn't listen to me. There is enough of that in my life already, I will not continue to wait in a waiting room full of sick people to let a doctor ignore me.

As of today, I am still taking my original medication (mezavant). I decided not to change things until I am convinced to stick with a certain doctor. I have stopped using my suppositories and enemas because it was suggested that I should and for some reason I have decided to take that advice and not the other. I am not claiming that I make any sense.

As of today, I am out $180.00 for the prescription that I filled before I realized that I was not going to switch meds right away.

As of today, I am suffering occasional colon pain and regular joint pain. I am loosing hair at an alarming rate. I am eating well, taking my vitamins and probiotics and making less than 6 trips to the bathroom each day (although it is not the desired consistency).

As of today, I am working hard, loving my new home, enjoying my otherwise healthy family and managing my stress fairly well.

As of today, I am not getting sicker.

That is my measure of goodness. As of today, life is good.


  1. Hi MSN. Great sentiments. Hope life just gets 'gooder'... I really hope the new doc works out for you too. A doctor you can talk to/trust can make a hell of a difference.

  2. I'm crossing my fingers the new doc will be "the one"! It's great though that other things are going so well! That's a great measure of goodness, life is good!

  3. Good luck with the new Doctor. I can't stand doctors who won't listen...if they had UC, it would be a completely different story!