Sunday, August 2, 2009

Arrived but not settled

It would be irresponsible of me to suggest that all is great and that I am fine. However, the truth is that the move went pretty well. Surprisingly well.

We had a few issues with communication with relocation services. The dates they gave us were a little screwed up. This resulted in us driving through the rain in the dark to get to our new place in order to beat the truck that did not actually arrive for another day and a half. We slept on the floor. That sucked. The next night we slept in a hotel and relo picked up the tab.

The truck did finally arrive and all of our stuff was loaded in. When they left, the house was bulging. We could hardly move. The next day the unpackers came and that was very stressful since they just keep on opening boxes and unwrapping items that they then place on any available surface. They do not put things away. I am very grateful to them as we have a kitchen that is usable already however, my bathroom and bedroom are a total nightmare. I have no idea how to start.

Health wise, it has taken its tole. I did not have proper access to all my meds for days and moving is not good for the diet. All the work has caused an increase in my joint pain and swelling. I have noticed some improvement in the last couple of days and hopefully I will continue to improve. I would like to get my colon moving properly again. I had some serious but brief pain this morning but at least I am going again. When I first swell up on the inside, I stop passing anything.

We are very glad to be here and we love our new house. The neighborhood is exciting and busy and we have met many neighbors. They are a friendly bunch.


  1. There's little that is more stressful than moving house - hope you settle in soon and the old UC subsides a little. Sounds like a nice place you've moved to anyway.

  2. Thanks Rich. It is a great place.