Monday, July 20, 2009

My daughter's health

I didn't update on her health yesterday because I thought she deserved a post devoted only to her.

My fabulous daughter had two surgeries, one after the other. The first day she had a monitor inserted in her skull to measure the pressure of her CSF. She fasted all day before the surgery and then was not able to eat after as there was another surgery booked for the next morning. She was miserable but she did her best not to take it out on everyone.

The next morning they came to take her to surgery again. This time was a little harder. She was already so tired and she was so sick but she hugged me, wiped away her tears and was the most cooperative teenager you have ever met. She is really amazing.

When we saw her after surgery she was smiling. She said she felt better. The doctor told her that he changed the valve in shunt and she cried with joy. Even after surgery the doctors did not think that they had done anything that would help. They asked what we would do next.

To make things even more challenging, we were in the ICU the whole time. This meant no visitors but me and my partner. It also meant that she didn't have access to a bathroom. She had to put up with the toilet being delivered to her bedside. This did not make her happy.

She endured and was released from the hospital the following day.

Two days later, as we sat eating lunch, she smiled at me and said, "I don't have a headache". It had been 15 months since she could honestly say that. I haven't been able to slow her down since. She is constantly on the go, always talking and growing like a weed. She wants to go out all the time, she sits up at the table to eat and she doesn't spend all day in bed.

I couldn't be happier about how she is now. I wish this could have happened sooner. I wish they had listened to us and hadn't sent us on those many wild goose chases. I wish she didn't miss so much during the 15 months that everyone told us there was nothing wrong.

We fought hard and we finally got the results that we needed. She gets pain relief. I get a full fledged hormonal teenager...


  1. Hello. Sorry to hear you're not feeling so great at the moment, but you seem to have managed to be really busy. However, I am really pleased to read that your daughter is getting a massive improvement from the op's she has had to endure. I can feel your relief and joy. It is true that I would unflinchingly endure all that the UC can throw at me if it ensured my boys remain healthy...

  2. yes Rich. I too would endure it all for her.