Sunday, May 31, 2009


I have not called the doctor.

I did some reading, I connected with some friends with UC and I decided that I was going to wait.

What I needed to do was clearly define what symptoms would require action and what that action would be. I developed an action plan! Based on my plan, I don't need to call the doctor yet. I am not bleeding and I am not suffering from diarrhea. So, if I don't get to that point, I won't have to stop my tapering or make that emergency call.

I am having pain in my rectum so I have increased my use of enemas to twice daily and I am using my suppositories again. Every time I go to the bathroom I put in a couple. I have also spent more time resting. It seems that this three component approach is helping. I don't know if it is one or all three things, but I am not in nearly as much pain and it is not all day anymore. It has really decreased.

So I will continue on with this plan. Next week we will be in hospital. My daughter is finally having surgery. We are hoping that she finds relief from her pain. I will have to be careful that I remain mindful of my own health while I support her.

The week after we go house hunting.

After that I am off to a new job. I will be well.


  1. I hope your daughter's surgery goes well. As for me, I don't like doctors much. Seems they are always giving the worst advise, so I can see why you would arrange to only call yours when necessary. Have a good week!

  2. I hope you start to feel better really soon - it sounds like you have been really going through the mill and you seem to have a great deal on your plate at the moment. Keep fighting, but don't delay too long - I've got into a couple of close scrapes because I ignored worsening symptoms bloody-mindedly. You never know, they may just offer you piece of mind.

    I hope your daughters surgery goes well. Good luck, loads of best wishes.