Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Bathroom: 2 (Not emptying today. There is lots to go.)

I am tired of prednisone. I am tired of the acne, the hair on my face and the need to spend long hours in front of the bathroom mirror with wax strips and tweezers, the round moon face, the change in my body odor that makes me smell much more manly, the need to snack, indegestion, restlesness, not sleeping, the pain in my joints, the fatigue, the muscle weakness and pain, dehydration, increased thirst, flaking skin, and mood changes that are driving my family crazy.

Some of this started right away when I went on Pred. Some of it built up over the last two months and keeps getting worse or at least is staying the same even though my pred dose is getting lower. The rest of it, like the flaking skin, and dehydration seems to be new since I have been tapering.

My fingers are wrinkly and I am very thirsty. Some times I have to run to the bathroom because I have to pee so bad so suddenly.

I am thinking positive thoughts because I am staying on schedule for this taper. I will be well and I will be off prednisone. That has been decided. There is no going back.


  1. Keep going MS, I've always found that once I'm off the preds the side-effects all go away.

  2. Thanks Rich, I am just counting the days while I go back to my chicken and potato diet.