Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Own Undoing

Bathroom: 3 (All day urgency and that almost burning irritated feeling in my colon. Realized about an hour ago that this was a feeling that I had on my way to remission and then it went I going in the wrong direction?)

What I have been doing is not exactly everything that I have been told to do. I have been following some of my directions. I am still not eating vegetables (except spinach and avocado) or fruit (except applesauce and berries). I am still eating primarily white bread, pasta, rice and chicken and I added more sauces as directed. I eat a few M&M's every once in a while when I need some sugar and I cut out the soda in favour of juice and water (half and half or just water). I am taking a probiotic, multi-vitamin, vitamin D, Calcium suplement and of course my meds. Today I went down to 30 mg of prednisone.

But I also started to take some metamucil. I am taking a children's dose every day. I was going crazy because I couldn't pass anything. The day after I started taking the metamucil I started to have bm's a couple of times a day. They are mostly formed with just a tiny bit of mucus and nothing changed about them except that fact that I passed them every day. The urgency is the same and so is the consistency. I suspect my doctor would not be pleased because I wasn't supposed to do any drastic diet changes but he did say I could slowly start to change it. It is just so good to be able to go. I stopped for a day earlier in the week and immediately stopped being able to go. One day without was enough for me to think that it was helping rather than hurting.

I have also had a few things that are not on my diet that I didn't already cop to like cake, a tablespoon of peas (0nly once and there was no difference the next day), some snack that is supposed to be an alternative to chips but is really just puffed cardboard that has some salt in it (ate that to keep me out of the chips because I could read all the ingredients and they weren't so bad), and mayo on my sandwhich the other day but no one said anything about mayo so I don't know what list it is actually on.

Now I have this feeling return in my colon and I notice I am crampy today. I have alien belly. I can feel my colon as it clenches on the right and slowly squeezes all the way around. It is so strong I swear if I lifted my shirt you would see it under the skin like a baby or an alien waiting to claw its nasty way out. So the thing is that I have done just enough not right to make me wonder if my bad feelings today are of my own doing.

I think it is most likely the taper off prednisone that could be responsible for the burning. I just don't want that to be the answer. I want to taper off easily and manage this with the other meds and the diet. I am also dealing with some pretty bad dehydration (evidenced by my wrinkly hands and feet) and non of my other side effects have gone away yet.


  1. Man... I hate that prednisone stuff and being scared what to eat. I still struggle with diet issues like that from time to time. I'm just glad I'm not on prednisone anymore, it made me feel drunk and/or hung over all the time.

    get well soon!

  2. I always used to get periods of constipation followed by major episodes of urgency. I concluded that the constipation was the body's way of giving everything a bit of a rest as it really needed it. I have no idea wheher that is medically correct but our bodies are clever things!

    I would be careful taking anything that you haven't discussed with your Doctor - have you got a specialist nurse you can call and discuss with?

    Hope you feel better very soon
    Lottie x

  3. Fernpixel - I am not so happy with this stuff either. I try to decide what side effect I hate the most but I can't stop changing my mind. I have been wicked all day. The moods are really terrible. I can't wait to be finished with it.

    Charlotte - The constipation drives me crazy. It makes me very uncomfortable. I think it is my colon sleeping on the job! I am trying to increase my fluids and go easy on the food. I know that I should stick to the doctor's instructions but there is so little that I can do and when I mention a concern he says don't worry instead of any suggestions to make me feel better. Maybe I will call his office.