Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Get it and Got it

I have been traveling. I have been carefully trying to do things that need to happen for the future without overdoing it or stressing myself out too much. I sit presently in my friends dining room in a city far from home. She makes me comfortable.

I had an interview this morning. There was a new element of stress involved in the whole interview process because my colon had to come along and it isn't behaving itself, at least not as well as I would like. It has been very noisy for the last two days but it is not letting anything pass. I have been good, sticking only to the foods that I have already established as acceptable and ok for me and I stopped the Metamucil for the two days before the interview just in case. It went very well. I did a good job and I think I provided them with a fair and fabulous representation of who I am and what I have to offer. Hopefully, I will be a good fit.

Now I have a day to relax before I travel again. I couldn't drive. I can't concentrate or remain seated for that long. I flew. It went well. No emergency bathroom trips. However, I haven't had any bathroom activity since I left home and that isn't so good. I need to go! I have some increase in pain and tomorrow is another drop down one pill day. I will be down to four. I can't wait to be off them.

The great thing about my visiting is that my friend totally understands all of this. She was diagnosed with UC a couple of years ago. She has battled with the meds, the symptoms and side effects and all the other things that go along with it. It is nice that we both get it, but incredibley strange that we both got it. This is taking sharing to a an all new and strange level. She is in remission right now and is eating as she pleases (well, she is a vegan, and so her diet is already limited in my opinion!). She is dealing with nasty medication side effects though.

When I tell her what my bm looked like the other day, she doesn't ask me why I looked. Instead, we take a moment to discuss how we now study our bm's even more than we looked at our children's and how important that has become. We laugh. When I say I had to run to the bathroom she knows what that means from her own experience and we can share our moments of total defeat and success knowing how the almighty colon can suddenly rule your life as your strive to nurse it back to health, and keep it firmly attached to your body. We know what we give up, what we volunatirly sacrifice for the colon.

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