Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I am avoiding what I know I have to do. I need to call my G doctor. I know that I am continuing to taper off the prednisone and things are not all okay. I am burning and irritated and uncomfortable. There is pressure and a feeling of urgency. It stings.

I also can not stand any more time on predinisone. I am a basket case. My mood swings are higher and more difficult to deal with every day. My poor family have had a hard time dealing with me. I also have no stamina because of my swelling and joint pain. And then there are all the other side effects like acne, hair, moon face, munchies, sleep disturbance and my teeth are so sensitive. I just can't stand it. I need a new drug. I can't do this one anymore.

For now I am being very careful with my diet, I am spending a lot more time in bed again and I am using my enemas twice a day. It's got to help. I will call tomorrow. I promise.

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