Sunday, May 24, 2009

Absent Minded

Bathroom: Variable results. I usually go once a day if I take a child's portion of Metamucil. If I don't, I don't. Some days I go 4 or 5 times. Some days I don't go at all.

I can't believe that I completely forgot about this blog and stopped posting and reading. That is not like me but since I have been sick I have not had all of my brain cells working properly. I am not sure but I am more likely to blame that on the medication rather than the UC. The truth is that I got caught up in some unusual and stressful situations and was not following my routine. That was all it took. And I disappeared.

I went to visit a friend for a couple of days and while I was away, I interviewed for a job. This was a second interview for a job that I really wanted and thought was out of reach. I flew by myself for the first time ever and spent three days away from home eating grocery store prepared chicken and dealing with the big city, the big job and the big stress. You can guess the effect that had on my health.

But wait, there is more! Then I came home and pepared to take my daughter to the hospital for at least three days during which she was scheduled to have two brain surgeries. She has a shunt that doesn't seem to be working correctly. They need to test it and explore it. At the last minute they cancelled it. We went back home. We were disapointed and upset. She is bedridden.

For the next week we worked to get the house ready to sell. It was hard work. We ate out often because of the fatigue, the celebrations and the house viewings.

On Thursday I was offered the job I dreamed of getting.
On Friday our house went on the public market and sold in just a few hours.

I have been resting ever since. I am back on my home-prepared chicken.

I have been fighting with my colon. It is not happy and the pain this weekend has been pretty bad. I am paying for my adventures. My pain is a burning and stinging in my rectum and most of the time I feel like I need to push out my colon. There is a constant feeling of needing to relieve myself but there is nothing in there about to come out. I think I am all swolen. There is no relief.

I am still taking my medication. I use the salofalk enema at night and I have also used it during the day the last two days. I also take the same medicine by mouth in the mornings. I have stopped tapering off the prednisone. I was starting to have some minor signs at 30 mg but I went down to 20 before holding. I have been at 20 for 11 days. I am not getting better but I am not willing to go back up. I will call my doctor tomorrow and let him know. No more prednisone, it makes me completely crazy and miserable. I need something else.

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