Friday, April 10, 2009

What a day

Bathroom: 1 (small fm and mucus, messy)

So I ate pasta and chicken for lunch after getting the green light from the doctor. It was good. I rested for awhile and then John and I went to the kitchen to roast some coffee. We have been out for awhile. I really wanted to roast and have a fresh shot for my cap over the weekend.

While we were roasting, we ordered more green beans, sent an email to the real estate agent and then got a call from my dad. He is home from his wintering in the south and wanted to drop by. So much activity was keeping me from even thinking about how I was feeling. They came over, had coffee, checked in on all of us and then ventured back into the sunny afternoon.

We were just about to clean up and take a rest when the phone rang again. Not good news. Lovely boy had an accident playing football and the ambulance was on the way. We jumped in the car and headed over to the park. He was lying on the field and the ambulance was there but they couldn't move him until the drugs started to help the pain. John left with the ambulance and I came back home to wait with Pook. They just called and are on the way home. His ankle is broken and he has a cast from toes to knee.

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