Thursday, April 16, 2009


Bathroom: 1 (enema)

All day yesterday I felt the need to go. Sometimes I did. It was messy but nearly formed and a little bit would be expelled and I would be left wishing I could just do the whole job and move on. Every time I stood up, it got worse.

Seems this feeling is to continue this morning. What my evil little colon doesn't realize is that I am going to win this round. In just a couple of short hours, I will insert that fleet enema, cause some major urgency and then maybe experience a few short hours of relief.

I am a little bit anxious this morning. John had to go out of town today. My mom is picking up Pook for the day and my dad is taking me to the aliens for the probing. I am sure it will all go well. I am thinking positive thoughts and hoping for some good news.

Thinking about what I will let myself eat when I get home as a prize... not sure. There isn't much that I can put on the list. I might just have bread with sunbutter. That stuff is pretty yummy and with tea it might be just comforting enough.

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