Sunday, April 5, 2009

Took what I wanted

Bathroom: 2 ( yes really! 2 tiny little bms!!!!) Not enough to relieve the pain, just enough to give me hope. Things are finally starting to move. I think I actually smiled.

I took it easy today in terms of holding myself responsible for everyone and I pushed myself in ways that I wanted. I got the lovely boy working (I paid) and he moved many different things around the house for me, mostly from den to basement and he took apart old pieces of furniture that will go out in the trash. He worked hard even thought he felt sicker as the day went on due to his celebrations out with the guys last night. This has freed up some space and decluttered some of my world. John now has some space in the basement for music that will allow him to pump up the volume and get some time alone and away from everyone! Nothing like a little peace and solitude.

There is now room in the office to do some work. I can organize in there to my hearts content on Wednesday (post paper) and make sense of all the odds and ends, get pens together, the paper and do the caligraphy supplies some order.

I am so hopeful about tomorrow now. If things keep moving I might actually be able to think and create something brilliant just in the nick of time for my final paper.

I ate steak tonight. Not lots. Just a small portion. It was well cooked, no veg, no spice and I cut off all the fat. It was good to eat something that wasn't chicken. It better not get in the way!

Pook spent her afternoon out with her cousin doing some shopping with the birthday money. She seemed to pick up a little bit of everything and was pleased with her purchase. But man she was tired and cranky when she got home. She gave me that look. The one that teenage girls give their mothers. I called her on it and it quickly disapeared and she returned after a bried respite in her room filled with her usual good humour. She is tired.

We had company briefly today as well. Friends came over to visit for an hour. They were great. They came over had tea, chatted and distracted and then left an hour later. They didn't stay too long. They were excellent guests. They left and I went to bed. John took the lovely boy out and came home with groceries.

John is doing music things now. I am in the basement with him. I am not sure if this defeats the purpose of moving down here but I don't think he minds the company right now. I won't stay all evening.

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