Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Todays wrap up

Bathroom: 3 (continued feelings of urgency all darn day, some formed fm and mucus, lots of cramping and pressure, very uncomfortable)

Spent the afternoon at the hospital with my little one. Her headache was much worse, she was nauseated, she looked terrible, etc. The nurses were awesome but the doctors looked at their precious images, saw no indicators and dismissed our concerns. And that was how we quickly ended up discussing the usual and very nearly inevitable migraine headache. Grrrrrr. They gave her another medication - which seems to have done nothing but given her diarrhea, poor thing. Once again we had a new resident trying to tell us that she should take Advil the moment she starts a headache and that if she didn't have a shunt migraine would be the obvious diagnosis. I am a little tired of being told this same line of crap over and over again. The good thing is that her surgeon will get the report that she was in and that we want an appointment immediately. We have decided that it is time for a revision. This shunt is not working for her. She feels worse now than she did when we went in this morning.

The ER was not pleasant for me either. I felt terrible and I had to sit on a hard chair and keep my mind on the task at hand. I played stupid games on my cell phone and tried to keep my mind on nothing but my Pook. We were only there for 4 hours. They got us in, through the images and out quite quickly. I can't complain. I will complain about the neurosurgery team that never even came down to talk to us. I will complain about the doctors who don't listen to the patients.

I got through it and was rewarded with a colon friendly dinner when I got home. My poor little one went to bed.

L.B. came home at lunch time. His pain is big today and he just couldn't stay at school. He is planning to try again tomorrow. I hope he is feeling better soon.

I had a bad case of the munchies tonight. I think it was the pred (but it could also have been stress because I am waiting for final marks to come in and with all the illness in this house the air can be a bit thick). It happens every couple of days. I just want to put food in my mouth and chew. I ate a wack of m & m's. Then I didn't feel so well. I tried to make myself feel better by eating some apple sauce. I don't feel quite as guilty but my stomach is too full and I know that was really not a smart thing to do. I was eating for comfort. I was eating to try to feel better and make some stress go away. Emotional eating. I don't think that goes well with UC. I need to find something that I can eat at these moments that won't hurt me or make me feel bad. Any ideas welcome.

My goal tonight is to sleep well so that I can be productive tomorrow. There are a few things that I would like to do. I have an important call to take and some research to do. Maybe I should do some wii fit to work off the m & m's and some stress.

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