Saturday, April 18, 2009

Them Bones

Bathroom: 0 (back to my usual pattern of feeling like I gotta go and producing nothing)

Lovely Boy is having surgery this morning. His ankle was examined and ex-rayed yesterday and they found it to be in much worse shape than originally assessed. He will be pinned today and re-casted and hopefully he will be on the road to recovery. Poor boy. His pain had been getting worse as the days went by and it just didn't make sense. As step-mommy dearest, I wait at home for some news. He has both his mom and dad with him and they are wonderful people. The hospital is great and I know he is in good hands. Just wish I could hug him.

I am studying today. My exam in cog psych is on Monday. It is the final requirement for the prerequisite I was supposed to complete in December before I started the masters program. It has been a monkey on my back and I will be glad to finish it. I have learned some things from it though and I am actually glad that I chose it and worked my way through it. Some of the content will likely help me in my future studies. It already has actually in the m.p.

I am crampy and gurgly this morning. Uncomfortable but not in terrible-I-don't-ever-want-to-move-again sort of pain so that is good. John poured me a shot before he left for the hospital but I think my colon is immune to the effects of coffee. It is still sleeping. I ate some apple sauce and am having some tea as I get geared up to think. I would really like to move something. I just told my colon that. A little gentle friendly reminder of what it is there to do. Perhaps some mediatation and visualization of the fm slowly being squeezed through the lengths of recently healed colon would help. The power of the mind is amazing. Wish me luck.

My other goal for now is to get Pook through a couple more days where she doesn't want to kill anyone, doesn't get sicker and doesn't let her head explode. She is walking a fine line. She is hanging on by her fingernails but we can't get the doctors to do anything until she actually loses her grip. I have to be ready to catch her at any moment.

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