Monday, April 6, 2009

Still writing

Bathroom: 2 (diarrhea, mucus and lots of pain and urgency)

Despite the pain, I am thinking that things are improving. I am actually passing fm. The cramps in the left side bring tears to the eyes but I am sure this won't last. This has to be progress.

I went back to broth, chicken and rice tonight. I need to go easy. I am supposed to call the doctor tomorrow so I will find out if I can change the diet at all. I am hoping to add some spinach to my broth and some cooked fruit to my days (even baby food fruit). If not, no big deal. I have another chicken to roast tomorrow and I will love my broth because it doesn't hurt me as much.

Pook isn't having her best day. She seems to have worn herself out over the weekend. She is really sensitive.

John is enjoying some time in his new music studio that we put together yesterday. It is a good space with room to breath and move and much less reason for noise concerns.

That's enough chatting time for me. Time to get back to work. Lots to do and only a day left to do it.

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