Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Some success

Bathroom: 1 (tiny bit of mucus and salofalk)

I have experienced a little success. I completed two pieces of work for school that must be done by Tuesday. One was a self-evaluation, the other an interview. Now I just have to write the paper. Oh, is that all? Ha! Tomorrow.

I ate more chicken and potatoes for dinner. Still good. Caused a lot of cramping but I have to eat something. At least I got to enjoy the chewing again. I love chewing. I think tomorrow night I will opt for chicken and rice in broth. I should really slow down a little since nothing is coming out.

We had company tonight. What a lovely distraction. They are good friends so when I couldn't stay up any longer, they all just came upstairs and hung out in the bedroom. They were lovely company and it was so good for all of us. They passed around my new guitar, shared work, school and family stories and put a big smile on John's face (mine too).

Time to watch my boyfriend George on the Hour.

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