Sunday, April 19, 2009

Snails pace

Bathroom: I seem to be going 4 times a day approximately. Mostly formed stool with some mess and constant feelings of urgency all day long. I feel like I could go sit and crap all the time. I just can't . It doesn't really work. It's just a feeling. I am glad that I am going.
On the Scale: 128!

Yesterday was very busy. Lovely Boy came home from day surgery and all reports were good. He was silly as he came to, he settled in at home on the couch and was able to eat something. His pain started to get bad later in the day and we got the T3's in him a little earlier than expected and with some gravol to help his sleep, we got him through the first night.

I had to take my car in to have the tires changed. I made the appointment some time ago thinking I would be well enough to do it or that I would get Lovely boy to take it for me! Oh well, I went, I also walked across the street and picked up my meds while I was at it and was happy to find that my new script for ativan is 1 mg rather than .5 mg. Hooray. I may start to do some serious sleeping and it doesn't have to go under my tongue, I can just pop this one back. The meds weren't ready and that sucked because they had to look all over to find my big boxes of enemas which should not have been hard to find. I didn't really have the strength to stand there waiting but there wasn't much I could do. I was at their mercy. I leaned on my cart. I stared at them. They met my gaze from time to time as they hurried around. I am not sure what they were doing. What could have taken so long?

The process seems easy.
1. Locate the enemas - check lable carefully
2. count the enemas
3. Check the number of enemas required for the prescription
4. Place correct number of enemas in box
5. print lable
6. have other pharamcist count enemas and check lables

There was much running around and computer screen checking. I strill don't get it. When they did bring it out to me, they appologized for the wait and wanted to confirm that they had given me the correct amount - I said yes of course - but I had no idea...I don't have the prescription anymore, they do! She then decided that the bag was too full so she went off in search of a box for me. I can hardly carry my purse right now I am so freakin' weak so I started trying to get her attention. When she returend with the box I asked her to please not use it. Instead I suggested that she divide the enemas into two bags so that I can carry half in each hand. She looked at me blankly for a moment. Then she looked at me as if she thought I was trying to make her life misserable. I think it was really at that moment that my idea made sense and she was pained that she hadn't thought of it. I do not look strong. I do not look fit. I just spent 20 minutes waiting for the meds draped over my bloody shopping cart.

I got my meds.

I also picked up a multi vitamin since I have not been eating a lot of different things and may be lacking in some other vitamins. I also got some sweet potatoes and treats for the kids.

I dragged myself back to the car dealer and was so pleased to see that my car was outside and ready that I didn't care that no one noticed me and I had to beg for service to pay and get things going. People don't look at you when you look sick and/or like you really need help. Have you ever noticed that?

I got home very tired. I still made potato fries. I needed them. I also cooked spinach. I needed that too. And we all ate a pretty good dinner with the rest of the gang having porkchops while I ate a bunch more of my chicken and gravy.

I spent the evening in bed. We looked at some real estate options. We did go to the drug store for Lovely Boy and we picked up a treat at DQ for Pook. We have to keep these kids smiling.

Today we all had our first barbeque. John had made burgers for everyone so I just mixed up some patties for me with extra lean meat, egg, bread, garlic and onion pouder. I put some avocado on my burger and that made me smile. I finished my sweet potatoes fries too. Everyone else had salad (Lucky!) but I was good and stayed away.

Time to study for tomorrow's exam. Then I will change gears. Time to get my Pook well now that I am on the mend and Lovely boy has had his surgery.

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