Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sergeant Fred Colon

Bathroom: 1 (Easily expelled soft and mostly formed with a messy 'mucusy' finish and lacking in aromatics)

Fred Colon seems a bit lazy today. Too lazy to kick up a fuss anyway. I felt pressure and urgency and surprise, surprise, there was a performance. This was good. I no longer expect things to work as they were once expected. I expect Fred Colon to stand around, lean against the closest ulcer and try to hide below the radar as he puts pressure on my rectum. If possible, Fred, will pretend to not even exist.

Today we are going for a visit to the GI. Sergeant Fred Colon is likely somewhat shaken at the prospect of facing a superior and so preparations have been made. He has given his boots a shine and straightened his uniform. Must look our best. Must not cause complaints or the nasty scope may invade our easy assignment.

I just have to come up with the questions to ask. How do I know when things have gone too far? I don't want to get that sick again. I would rather catch things a little faster. I need to give Sergeant colon a swift kick in the ass much more quickly than that.

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