Friday, April 3, 2009

Rainy afternoon

Bathroom: 1 (tiny enema and mucus)

My sister came over on her lunch hour and brought me some juice. I watched her eat. She really enjoyed the curry that John made for dinner last night. It makes me very happy when people enjoy their food. I had an ensure. I am trying to back off on my poor colon. I will be eating broth for dinner again.

Other than the brief visit and the couple of other times the doorbell has called to me, I have stayed in bed. My step father came over and picked up Pook and she has gone to hang out, swim and hopefully enjoy a little grandparent spoiling. My mom and step dad are so good to her. This has also let me feel a little less guilty about the amount of time that she spends alone because I am not well enough to do much with her. I know my guilt is not founded. My daughter is happy and we have a good relationship.

I have started to write. I have actually d0ne some! Once the process gets started it carries itself quite well. I am not able to stay focused for as long as usual because of my pain but I can get things going. I just keep stopping, surf for a few minutes and then go to the next point in the paper. Slow but steady will win this race.

It is a very rainy day out there. The sound on the windows and roof was actually very soothing and I know it is washing away the last of the snow. Bring on the daffodils.

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