Sunday, April 26, 2009

On the Road

Bathroom: It was complicated. On Friday I couldn't stay out of the bathroom. I just kept going and ended up with diarrhea and mucus and terrible cramps and pain. It was not pleasant. It did stop in the afternoon and I haven't been able to go since. I have urgency and I felt like I needed to go the whole way home.

I got through the interview. The stress was compounded by the new city, the taxi ride to get there (cost me $40) and the fear that something would burst forth from colon critter and interrupt my train or thought or an otherwise pleasant sensory moment. The interview was a big one. It was the sort that leaves you sitting with your jaw on the ground when you get the call, wondering if they really meant to call you. I was honored to be invited to be interviewed. I had to go. After, I managed to get myself lost looking for the subway, but I eventually found it. I took the subway by myself for the first time ever (huge accomplishment for me even if it seems pretty mundain to average folk) and got back to the area I needed to be in for $2.75. Then I got lost again and it took me over half an hour of wondering around to get to my hotel room. Part of the reason that I was lost for so long was that I was so tired and I just couldn't move any faster. As I made my way, I stopped and got some applesauce and juice to refresh me and some band aids for my sore feet.

We had planned to go out in the evening, maybe for drinks or dinner with friends but I just wasn't up to it. I was able to eat some rice and chicken and lie in bed and play stupid games. I couldn't even type email. My brain was finished. Too much stress, too much thinking.

We came home Saturday. I was still not well so we were unable to visit with anyone before we left. The drive was long only because of my constant feeling of urgency and inabiblity to releive myself no matter where we went.

Once home I couldn't wait to drink juice, eat spinach and sit in my own bathroom. I spent the rest of the night in a manic sort of state. I couldn't do anything but watch bad tv and surf the net but I couldn't sleep. At 3:00 I made myself take an Ativan and I still didn't sleep right away.

That was my first road trip with UC. I know it was not horrific. I know that it actually went well. I will be glad when I know what to expect and when I can plan and feel prepared. I really didn't know how I was going to manage it.

And now I would just like to poop. I would like very much to empty my colon. Please.

Thank you.

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