Thursday, April 9, 2009

No call

Bathroom: 2 (small loose fm with mucus)
slight temp - 99.6

So the doctors office didn't call back. I was going to tell them that I was feeling very warm and did start to pass a little fm this afternoon. It would have been nice to hear back since we are starting on a long weekend but I guess I can just take this as no news being good news.

But I feel terrible. Yuck. I'm hot, crampy and my hips hurt.

And damn I am a whiny little baby sometimes.

I am beginning a good 'hate on' for prednisone as well. While I appreciate all the good things that it seems to be doing for my sick colon, I am not so damn pleased with all the other freakin' things it is doing. Every morning I find a new bunch of nasty hairs growing out of my face. My skin is nasty and scaly and I am quite sure that my face is becoming rounder by the day. In addition, my joints all hurt, I feel like the bones in my feet are going to break and while I am nauseated and uninterested in eating, I have started to crave food - I am not hungry, I just want to eat and the eating makes me more uncomfortable. AAAAAAAH! I am sure there are more things that are happening to me but I can't even concentrate long enough to list them.

I am bored.

I want to be well. I want my life back. I want to go out and dance and eat in a restaurant.

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