Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Mother

Bathroom: 0

My mother is standing next to me right now. She is ironing. She likes to iron. She is ironing everything that she takes out of the dryer. She is doing my laundry. Life is sweet!

I just spoke with my doctor. Gave him the update on my condition and he said that I should continue to do what I am doing. As long as the blood is not increasing he is not worried and thinks that things are going in the right direction. He assured me that the ulcers in my mouth would clear up when I improve. He wants me to continue with all the medications including the enemas. So I am taking this as good news! I am to call in again next week.

I drank an ensure. That was the best I could do today. I took my probiotics. I am not hungry.

John took Pook to the dentist. She is having some work done. She was a little aprehensive since she has never had more than a cleaning. She needs to have one of her molars scraped because it got a little sticky and then they are going to seal them. I think it is good that she went with him. He will be supportive but she will also need to be a little more self reliant.

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