Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday morning

Bathroom: 0 (gas, pain in left upper abs, urgency)
On the scale: 124

I slept in. I slept until 9! I got up, took my meds and then went back to bed while we waited for the espresso machine to heat up. And guess what? I fell back to sleep! Holy Crap! What a fantastic way to start the day. I have now had my ensure, my juice, my meds and a capucino and life is good.

Pain be damned. I ignore you. I damn you.

It looks like spring out there today. Gotta' check the temperature but I am told it will be a nice day. I do plan to go along for the ride to the grocery store. I am trying to move my body a little bit each day. That way I can even pick out my chicken and jello! Lucky me.

It is also time to start studying for my exam. I write it next Monday. I have completed everything else for this semester and it feels good. When the exam is finished, I will have a week before the new semester starts and things get busy again. That means, rest now, be prepared, and take good care of myself.

We are also going to start the necessary steps this week to getting this house ready to put on the market. We will call the agent, get a handy man in here to do some repairs and painting and pack up some of the clutter. Lots to do.

I think it is time to play guitar.

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