Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The last day

Bathroom: 1 (just enema and mucus so far this morning and nearly unbearable pain in my lower back)
On the scale: 124

Woke up bright and early at 7:00 a.m. after a glorious 4.5 hours of sleep. Wow. What a good one.

Went to the bathroom and didn't have to let any d go. I just sat there for awhile, pushed and produced a little enema and then got up to leave. I will have to wait a little longer I guess. Maybe I will go for a jog around the block to get everything moving! That sounds like fun.

It is snowing again this morning and in fact it is kind of cold. It doesn't seem like spring at all and the number of accidents reported on the radio this morning would attest to the unusual conditions. Drivers who just had their snow tires taken off did not have a good drive into work. I won't be going jogging after all.

I am writing again. No surprise. The paper goes in today. I am at the "stick in what is needed and get it out of here" phase. This is when I go a little beyond caring and just want it to go away. I have to keep myself from performing premature release of the paper. There is always time for one more edit. There is always one more typo to find. I really have to finish writing the damn thing.

I think I just dropped a piece of muffin in my purse. I have this muffin sitting here. It has been here since 9:00. I couldn't eat it. I felt terrible this morning and couldn't make myself put more than a couple of mouthfuls. I brought it and my tea and a yogurt upstairs in the hopes that my natural desire to snack would kick in after I sat here for awhile and I would be able to consume it. I have eaten more than half of the muffin and I ate the yogurt. I am really trying to eat more than one time each day even if I am nauseated.

The new teenager just came in to give me a little bit of grief. She did too much this weekend and has been all sensitive and difficult since. Today it is a clothing issue that we get to discuss. I am having a fun day so far.


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