Friday, April 3, 2009

I want

Bathroom: 1 (small salofalk, mucus and a little fm!)

This is a rant. Excuse me.

I want spaghetti with meat sauce. I want a huge plate of nachos, with sour cream and cold beer. I want an avocado, tomato an cucumber salad. I want curry. I want a burger, fries and a shake! I want the chicken fried rice that John made this week. I want ice cream and cake. I want buttered chicken and na'an. I want enchiladas. I want a big fat steak and potato dinner. I want to eat a bucket of popcorn with melted butter served with a gallon of pop. I want to eat chocolate and enjoy it like I used to. I want lasagna all messy and cheesy. I want to eat chips. I want to have cheese fondue and a nice crisp white wine. I want ribs that fall off the bone. I want home made sweet potato, butternut squash and white potato fries. I want spinach salad with almonds and cherry tomatoes.

Ok. That's better.
I am not hungry. I do not want to make myself feel worse. I will not indulge in any of this. I just needed to say it.

I had another delicious bowl of broth and rice and chicken for dinner and I am satisfied. Later, once my stomach settles (I have bad heartburn every time I eat) I will enjoy an orange popsicle. And still later I will have a little gingerale. Why? Because I can.

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