Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I took some happiness.

Bathroom: 3 more times (all produced f.m. and mucus, but the cramps and pain were excruciating and I guess I ate something that my colon doesn't like or it simply is letting me know that it is still in charge not matter what the doctor says and that it will behave when it wants to)

My appointment went well. My doctor basically said you have a sick colon, get used to it. He said it with kindness but he didn't try to tell me all would be fine now. I do like him. He had some more suggestions about my diet (no roughage, more protein and carbs and I can add some sauces) and he frowned about my spinach and cooked carrots. He said I should not start focussing any more on my food or I will go crazy. I said "you mean crazier". He smiled. He has put me on a new med called mezavant (the newest form of Mesalazine - 5 ASA - slow release). The pills are bigger than anything I have ever swallowed. I choke up when I look at them. He has encouraged me to call if I have questions and set another appointment for August. He has also told me to respond to my body. If I start to flare I am to stop tapering the pred and go back up 5 mg for 2 weeks and then try again. As I said, I like this guy. I will try what he tells me. Except that I am not giving up my spinach. I needs vegetables!

After that I had to take my medical certificate in so that some one will pay me for some of this time off. Then I went for blood work to see what sort of shape I am in after weeks of pred and before mezavant takes over. From there, I went to get my new drugs. I walked around Costco waiting for my prescription, hoping that I would be rewarded. I hoped and prayed that around at least one corner, at the end of one display, there would be a woman dishing up lovely little bites of cheesecake or something chocolaty. There was NOTHING! I was all out of energy and I had to go sit by the pharmacy and wait. Sick leave finished, no pay and no free food also means no damn shopping at Costco.

Have I tugged on your heartstrings enough or pushed your "this woman keeps complaining" button enough? No! Good.

I got home and went to the bathroom and the pain started. My colon was screaming. I sat on the toilet and it took all of my will power to keep from slamming my fist into the wall beside me. My legs started to shake. I couldn't finish. I had to go to bed. I lay there in a ball.

School started today for me. I haven't accomplished very much with everything else going on. I did a little bit of reading but I know what I will be doing tomorrow morning.

I also spoke to the hospital today for Pook. We have an appointment for Monday and a plan to go to the ER if we need to be seen sooner. We don't want to go to the ER because they won't believe there is a problem with the shunt, they will give her more medication for migraines that at the least will not help and at the worst will make her sicker (again). And all that will require hours of waiting and starving and I am not in great shape for any of that. Wish us luck. We stayed home today. We could end up there tomorrow. She lay on the couch all afternoon and will not even stay upright to eat.

Finally, at least for now, we are keeping close watch on the flu situation. It is of interest. I am most stunned by the ignorance of some people like those countries that will not purchase American or Canadian pork because they are afraid. You can't get the flu that way! I hope that this resolves quickly and with few deaths and the very best outcome possible.

Oh, I also ate a good dinner. I made myself a very mild chicken curry. I couldn't wait another day. I added sour cream and chicken stock and some light coconut milk to make it mild. It was soo good with rice! and I ate a little bit of avocado on the side. Yummy!!!!

I needed something happy and good. I took it.

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