Saturday, April 11, 2009

Getting through a busy day

Bathroom: 2 (some fm, nearly formed, urgency and cramping)

I have been busy today. There was so much we needed to do and John could not do it all on his own. I got up with Lovely boy and we had breakfast and then got him settled in the livingroom. I sat with hime for an hour and then showered and took Pook out to get birthday presents for her friend (who is over for the night tonight). While we were out I also went to the health food store and got some sunflower seed butter, apples sauce and organic sunflower seeds. And just to tempt fate, just before we left Chaptes, I got myself a grande nonfat latte. It had been soooooo long.

We got home just as the boys were getting in from picking up the paycheque, talking to the boss and picking up the medications. He was done.

Since then we have tried to rest but the door has been constantly opening and closing with visitors. Pook's friend arrived and they hung out with Lovely boy and his friends for awhile, playing wii and joking around. It was really cool that they all hung out together. John and I also had company when Dr. W. came by and we had caps and chatted. He came to check in on all of us but it was nice to have an adult visitor so John and I claimed him as our own. Now we have all split up. Pook and her friend are hanging in the bedroom, I am resting and the older guys have the livingroom. John has gone out to pick up a pan of lasagna so we can feed all of these kids.

I am trying to take it easy because I am feeling lower back pain and crampy again. It seems that as soon I get my colon to start expelling any wast, it comes with urgency and pain. I was sort of thinking that if I started going maybe I wouldn't need another colonoscopy this week but John said, "Oh your getting scoped". He wants to be sure they know what is going on and if things look good I am so hopeful they will start to taper my pred.

Now, my next task for today is smelling and looking at lasagna and not eating any. Damn.

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