Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Excitement bites me

Bathroom: 0 (urgency, grumbling, cramping but nothing more)
On the scale: don't know, forgot to step on it

The beginning of another week. I am settled back into bed now with my text book, note book, pad of paper for list making (for all of the many things that I intend to accomplish this week) and my tea. I want to do two chapters each day so that I can take the exam next week with limited anxiety. I am not a great exam writer so I always get a little upset but really, I have to work on my cognitive functions here and remind myself that I can do well, that I don't need an A+ and that my goal is to get a decent grade on this prerequisite course that I should have finished in December 2008! I have a 94 in the course right now. I am just a little worried about needing bathroom time etc during the exam. I haven't had to deal with that sort of thing so far.

I ate my usual handful of pills with my glass of juice, bottle of ensure and I had the most amazing cap this morning. The beans we roasted on Friday are absolutely perfect today. So freakin fresh it is awesome. I know many people give up coffee when they UC and I did for the first month but since I seem to be suffering from the inability to pass much of anything at this point rather than dealing with running to expel d. I figure a morning ritual of stimulating the colon won't hurt (until it does and then I will stop).

The rest of the day, I'm not sure. I think Pook's teacher will come today. She probably won't do much else since she did so much over the weekend. She was teary and tired last night.

I will roast a chicken again today. I have run out of fresh cooked chicken in my fridge. I also need to make some jello but I forgot to buy some. John said he would get me some today.

Oh the excitment of my life! Some times it jumps up and bites me.


  1. Good luck on writing that exam! Sometimes I think it's our mentalities that make our days bad. For example, we believe the day will be bad, so therefore, it is. If we believe it is good, then it will be! There's a little encouragement for the day. Have a good one!

  2. Yeah, good luck on the exam - what are you studying for?

    I gave up coffee about 5 years ago (just started to tentatively drink it again) but I drink tea by the gallon...

    Another good meal I find works well with the UC is Leek and Potato soup - easy to make too.

  3. Rich, I gave up coffee at first because I didn't feel well when I drank it but lately I have been engaged in a little game of get the colon going so I was hoping that coffee would help. So far no action.

    I would like to have the soup. Right now I am not allowed leeks. No veg other than potatoes.

    I have just started a masters program in counselling psych. How's that for timing?