Monday, April 20, 2009

Exam day

Bathroom: 5 with urgency but mostly formed. One was mucus and blood but I am stressed from the exam and tired from working so hard over the weekend. I will rest this week I promise.

This morning Pook got up early and went over to hang out at my dad's for awhile. The boys went to their own spaces and left me be to do my last minute studying. I got a couple more hours in but I knew that it would never be enough with this topic. I did my best, packed up my stuff and then drove down to the invigilators office. I sat in a room full of computers, people all around, phones ringing, trying to squeeze information out of my head like water out of sponge in the desert. You can't get it out if it isn't in there to begin with. I am pretty sure that I passed. I did not score any amazing marks but I really wasn't trying to. This was a prerequisite course for my masters program that dragged on way tooooooo long. I just needed it to be finished. It was supposed to be a third year level psych course but it was actually more difficult than some of the fourth year courses that I have taken. I guessed on some of the 50 multiple choice questions - there are no deductions for incorrect answers. I stretched on a couple of essays, knew the answers to two of them well and drew a complete blank on one. For that one, I simply wrote I have no idea. I then wrote a new question and provided a complete answer for it. I just couldn't leave it all empty and blank like that. It probably won't make much difference in the final mark but it did make me feel better to do it.

It was difficult to write the exam. I cramped and felt like I needed to be in the bathroom most of the time. I was releived to get out of there without an accident just because I felt so bad (because I haven't been having much d lately and I haven't had an actuall accident to date). I was worried and stressed. I will be glad as I feel better and get further from this flare.

Pook isn't feeling too well and we may end up at the hospital for her tomorrow. All the more reason to rest well tonight.

Lovely Boy was convinced by us and a poor nights sleep that a day at home was warranted today. He is still recovering from surgery. He had a visit from his brother who can put a smile on his face like no one else can. They seem to do that for each other.

John worked from home part of the day just to be sure that everything worked out alright. He also had to take L.B. to get fitted for a cover for his cast so that he could bath himself in private.

John and I sat together for an hour and just relaxed and just as we were about to get up and get some dinner on, the doorbell went. We forgot about the painter coming. He was here for over an hour. He checked out all the work that was needed, is going to do it all, came up with an estimate and a date to be here. Things are moving on.

I at chicken! Yes really! with some pasta, a little spinach and broth, cheese and gravy. I also ate a couple of pieces of potato. This was all left over in the fridge. I will have to roast a chicken now. It is time.

Oh yes, I also got a mark back. That final paper I wrote for my masters course has been marked. I am pleased. I did much better than I expected 91%. I don't think I can get an A+ out of this one. The A+ plus is likely about 1.5 marks out of my reach. I am waiting now for one more mark. It is for participation on the forum. I am a very strong A student and I am happy with that. This is a good place to start. And I am even happier to have accomplished this while I was so sick.

I am resting now. We all are. Don't know what tomorrow will bring. Have to take advantage of the moments whenever and however they come.

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