Monday, April 20, 2009

End of day

Bathroom: lots of urgency tonight. I have been 2 more times. some mucus. gotta go again.

I am just going to note how I am feeling just in terms of UC and prednisone. I have been neglecting keeping this record and I think I really suck at remembering one day from the next without an aid.

Very rumbly since my exam. I can feel things moving around. I had pain when I went to the bathroom right before the exam and some blood and mucus but it was very small amount. Since then, formed stool with bits and mucus.

My joints are aching. My ankles are the worst. My hips and shins hurt, my upper back between my shoulders and feet are also uncomfortable. Last night it got so bad I cried. I am hopeful that tonight will not get that bad. I will take my Ativan earlier (means soon). Indigestion continues to be a problem every time I eat.

My achne is worse, my face is fat and yes still hairy, my need to snack is ever increasing. I want to stuff my face every evening. Luckily all of the things that I want to eat are on my not allowed list. I am freakin' gorgeous!

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