Friday, April 17, 2009


Bathroom: just the enema

Eleven. That is how many prednisone I took this morning. Hooray! The countdown begins. I am so happy to be starting this taper.

I am a little sensitive. On the report that the doctor completed he indicated that I could go back to work today. I keep revisiting this in my mind. I am taking this as a judgment by the doctor rather than what it probably is (simply a statement that my colon is better). I know I am too weak, in too much pain and stress to go back to work. I will just have to go to my family doctor and discuss a plan to get me back to work that considers the whole person and not just my evil colon. I will also work on my cognitive scripts and convince myself that no one is judging me and it is okay to take the time that I need to be well.

The week got away from me. I can't believe it is already Friday. I have studying to do for my exam and I am way behind schedule. I will have to cram over the weekend. So much to learn and so little time.

I just had my regular breakfast of juice, tea and ensure. I don't feel hungry but I suspect that I will get a raging case of the munchies later (like I did last night). I think that is from the pred.

So far on the forum I belong to, I have had a few people suggest some foods to start with as I begin to add to my diet. I was so excited when one member suggested avocado! I loves those. I also was told that cooked carrots and peas, sweet potatoe fries, and spinach.


  1. I just wanted to give you a little warning on the peas. Of course, each person is different, but for me, peas (like corn) sometimes aren't properly digested in the colon and everytime I ate them, talk about serious pain. Twice, after eating peas, I had an accident. The second one made me realize the peas is on my do not eat list. It could be different for you though. If you eat it, just try and little and see how your colon reacts. Glad to hear you are doing better today!

  2. Thanks for the warning. I will heed your advice! I will start with carrots, spinach, maybe some squash and sweet potato fries?