Friday, April 17, 2009

Coming down

Bathroom: 2 (mostly enema from last night with a tiny bit of fm)

I am sort of coming down off yesterdays high. I mean that in many ways. I was so stoned last night after getting the double dose of meds that I really felt no pain. I am beginning to feel a little discomfort again. The drugs are really wearing off.

I am also not quite so excited about my remission. I am happy, don't get me wrong, but I don't feel different and I know that I have some more work to do to really be well. I am so weak and tired and I have so many stupid pred side effects to get over as I taper off. I plotted it on a calendar. If I follow the directions I have been given I will finish the prednisone on the last day of May.

In the meantime, my joints still ache, I feel like I have to go but I can't, I want to snack but I can't eat anything (stupid munchies) and nothing tastes right anyways, I'm bored, my face is fat and hairy, I can't sleep, I want my life back... I guess I am kind of miserable.

Damn. Some way to be on Friday night. I will get over it.

Happy thoughts... John is coming home, I am getting better, Pook is hanging out with me, Lovely Boy will get his ankle fixed tomorrow, I want to eat chocolate and I have some that I can eat, it is the weekend and that is enough for now.

For dinner I made a chicken, pasta, spinach and cheese caserole. It was bland but it had vegetable in it so it was fan freakin tastic.

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