Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Colonoscopy confirmation

Bathroom: 2 (mostly enema with a little fm mixed in and some d)

The office called and I have been confirmed for another colonoscopy on Thursday. That's three. Since the second week of March. Am I a lucky girl or what? *smiles* As soon as they tell me that they are going to do this, I start to doubt that I need it. Maybe I am lots better and I just don't realize it, or maybe I just have no freakin' idea of what normal is supposed to be like so how can I figure it out? I just don't want to take up his time to find out they didn't need to but I am really tired of feeling sick. I would like to be able to eat, process and expel waste. That doesn't seem like too much to ask for. Right now I am having trouble with some of all of this.

The truth is that I just want to feel better so it is best that I go ahead and have this done. I have to make a few extra plans this time. John is going to be in Toronto on Thursday and he can not cancel so my mom is going to pick up Pook on Thursday morning, my dad will pick me up and take me to the appointment and lovely boy will go stay with his mother for a couple of days. When my mom brings Pook back they will check in with me and I am sure I will be fine. I don't have to do a full prep. I only have to fast, no cleansing. They will do a very fast scope and they won't go all the way to the end. The trouble seems to be in the top left corner and down the left side and at the rectum. I just can't pass things and I still have pain in those areas after all these weeks on pred.

I hope I will be able to start weening off pred. That is my biggest hope. I also want a plan. There are lots of things around here that need doing and I need to know what and when I get back to some of it.

I had another piece of white bread with sunflower seed butter. It actually is good! I haven't eaten anything else since this morning other than tea and juice.

Pook and I just went down and put the chickens in the oven. I am more comfortable when there is fresh roast chicken in the fridge that I can eat at any time. I am roasting two at the same time. I won't run out this time.

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